Data Entry System

The Data Entry System (DES) is a generalization of the online transcription tool used for the WW1 casualty lists.

It is a pure transcription tool.

Only data found in the original source is collected. Nothing is supplemented from other sources. Also, no tacit corrections are made. Only after an entire source (for example, an address book) has been successfully transcribed, the data is transferred to the proper database. Only then the records are permanently referenced!

To make the transcription more attractive, the DES offers a search function. It allows to find every entry right after it has been transcribed. The search also contributes to quality assurance. Transcription errors can be marked and their correction will be performed at the administration team.

Join in!

Everyone can participate now! But before you start with the acquisition, it is highly recommended to read the manual and to follow the project-specific editing guidelines. The transcription is very simple due to the given structure. However, there are always a few special cases that must be treated equally by all contributers.